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Our process

We work according to the industry-standard ADDIE model.

1. Analysis

We consult with you to ensure all stakeholder needs and objectives are well understood and documented. At this stage, we are asking a lot of questions of a lot of people.

2. Design

Our instructional designers work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to propose a solution which fits the stated needs that were uncovered in the previous stage. At this stage we might sketch up some drawings or storyboards to explain our concepts.

3. Development

We choose appropriate tools to create a product which matches the design brief. We usually allow for three rounds of stakeholder feedback at this stage, to ensure we’re staying on track, and that our solution is acceptable.

4. Implementation

 We support our clients with implementing the solutions we have built, and can even come on site to provide training to in-house staff who will manage the solution.

5. Evaluation

We provide suggestions for how you can evaluate the solution, (we’re fans of the Kirkpatrick model for evaluating training) and once you have end-user feedback, we can enter another round of the ADDIE process, to support you with continuous improvement.

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