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On-demand professional development for English language teachers

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Do you want to supplement the CPD that you provide to English teachers?
You can provide access to the Language Fuel course collection via your own platform.



Each course is only 20 minutes long, recognising teachers' busy schedules.



Licensing Language Fuel courses is a fraction of what guest speakers, teacher trainers or seminars can cost. Add this as a low-cost option to your repertoire.

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There are over 90 courses with new ones added periodically. They map to all different stages of the EAQUALS framework for language teacher development.



Courses are 100% on-demand and online. Professional development can happen anywhere, anytime. A great complement to your face-to-face workshops.



Each teacher gets the input they need. Teachers can do a self-assessment, to discover their 'growing edge' and choose courses to meet their needs.

Course list

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Career pathways copy 6.png

Career Pathways

  • Becoming a teacher trainer

  • Getting started with conference presentations

  • Giving a conference presentation

  • Introduction to writing graded readers

  • The process of writing graded readers

  • Writing original learner fiction

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Language proficiency

  • I've never been to New York (B1)

  • At the supermarket (B1)

  • The new neighbour (B1)

  • Managing money (B2)

  • Climate strike (B2)

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Literacy copy 6.png


  • Teaching adult ESOL literacy: what is it, and what is involved?

  • Practical activities for teaching basic literacy to adult ESOL learners

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Reading copy 6.png


  • Getting started With teaching reading

  • Getting started with extensive reading

  • Practical pre-reading activities for graded readers

  • Practical while-reading activities with graded readers

  • Practical post-reading activities with graded readers

  • Getting started with using picture books effectively for young learners

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Vocabulary copy 6.png


  • Teaching vocabulary to young learners

  • Getting started teaching vocabulary

  • Using flashcards effectively in your teaching

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Classroom management copy 6.png

Classroom managment

  • Basic classroom management

  • Motivating the unmotivated

  • Practical activities to encourage cooperative learning

  • Getting started with cooperative learning

  • Raising student awareness of group dynamics

  • Fostering group dynamics in regular classroom activities

  • Error correction techniques

  • Getting started with flipped learning

  • Understanding errors in the langugage classroom

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Cultural awareness copy 6.png

Cultural awareness

  • Getting started with intercultural awareness

  • How culture is formed in childhood

  • Cultural differences in everyday life

Website Catergory Thumbnails_03.08.22s.png


  • Getting started with teaching speaking

  • Managing the classroom during speaking tasks

Website Catergory Thumbnails_03.08.22t.png


  • Engagement in synchronous online learning

  • Motivating teaching tools for synchronous online learning

  • Teaching a virtual classroom

  • Getting started with flipped learning

  • Flipped learning: making videos for online learning

  • Teaching English with online videos

Website Catergory Thumbnails_119.png


  • Getting Started with CLIL: content & language integrated learning

  • The CLIL Wheel: introduction & the 4Cs

  • The CLIL wheel: five parameters describing content

  • The CLIL wheel: five parameters describing communication and cognition

Website Catergory Thumbnailsm.png

Language awareness

  • Diving into English tenses

  • Understanding phrasal verbs

  • Getting started with word classes

  • Digging deeper into word classes: Overview

  • Digging deeper into word classes: specifics

  • Understanding conditionals

  • Understanding basic sentence structures

  • Understanding forms and functions of English verbs

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Pronunciation copy 6.png


  • Getting started with teaching pronunciation

  • Getting started with the English phonemic alphabet

  • Learn the English phonemic symbols

  • Understand & teach pronunciation at the phrase and sentence level

  • Understand & teach pronunciation at the word level

  • Understand & teach pronunciation at the sound level

Website Catergory Thumbnails_03.08.22p.png

Understanding proficiency

  • Understanding the IELTS test system

  • Understanding proficiency: an overview

  • Understanding fluency

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Listening copy 6.png


  • Teaching listening skills (macro-, micro-, language)

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Contexts copy 6.png


  • How to teach business English vocabulary

  • Teaching a virtual classroom

  • Getting Started with adult ESOL

  • Getting started with teaching one to one

  • Teaching one to one: making the most of your lessons

  • Teaching one to one: dealing with common problems

  • Teaching one to one: practical activities

  • Getting started with early childhood English teaching

  • Getting started with young learners

  • Getting started with teaching business English

  • How to teach the language of charts and graphs

  • Teaching teenagers: an introduction

  • Teaching teenagers verbal communication skills

Website Catergory Thumbnails_Lesson planning copy 6.png

Lesson planning

  • Teaching in the face of the climate crisis

  • ELT lesson models – an introduction

  • Learner preferences

  • Getting started with assessment

  • Tasks, criteria and learning from assessment

  • Feedback in assessment

  • Concept checking questions

  • Introducing grammar in context

  • SMART goals for language teaching

  • Lesson planning

Website Catergory Thumbnails_03.08.22 w.png


  • Getting started with genre-based writing

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Curious pukeko

"The authors are an impressive bunch, well-qualified and experienced praticitioners from all around the globe. Many are award-winning published experts in their field."

Katherine Quigley

"Well designed and easy to navigate. Courses are clearly described and have attractive visuals... They also supply a number of immediately useful materials, and they build confidence."

Clare McGrath

Reviewer for English Australia

"I couldn't recommend Language Fuel enough! There is such a wide range of courses available to suit everyones needs - even teachers who had been teaching for a long time could find courses to develop their exisiting skills."

Annemarie Kiely
Assistant DOS, Sydney English Language Academy

"The training is the best PD that I know of for busy teachers!... The mini courses are acievable in one short "sitting"; the presentation style engages teachers."

Dorothy Thwaite

Programmes Projects and Support Coordinator at English Language Partners

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