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Need help designing effective learning programmes? 

We know how much pressure you are under to provide high quality, scalable training that can help your organisation achieve its goals.

What you definitely don't want is ineffective training, which ends up wasting everybody's time, and can leave learners feeling overwhelmed with detail.


Unfortunately, it's all too easy to build training like that. Keen subject-matter experts want every last detail included, and think that if you just pop a quiz on the end, you can call it 'training'. Many times, the organisation's needs have not been properly analysed to start with, and the learners' perspectives get overlooked.

We're here to make sure you are able to deliver exactly what your organisation needs in an engaging, meaningful and thought-provoking way. We work with your subject-matter experts and stakeholders to determine your organisation's needs, and then we design real-world, memorable learning scenarios and activities that learners will enjoy engaging with.

Our specialty is online learning, but we can do the traditional face-to-face too. Sometimes, a mix of both works well.


Call us today. If we're a good fit, we'd love to partner with you in your project.

Our Servuces

Our Process

Phase 1: Discovery
Phase 2: Design

We'll conduct a needs analysis workshop with you, to really understand the problem. This could be via Action Mapping, Performance Analysis or another method. Only then would we start to design the solution. 


Once again, [the team] quickly delivered a fantastic product that was creative, compelling and met my requirements perfectly. Last-minute changes (on my end) were no problem and they kept in constant communication and delivered a product I know will improve our ability to communicate with our customers. Well done!

Video project client

Phase 3: Development
Phase 4: Delivery

We help you implement your learning programme, and we build in some evaluation measures. This allows us to measure effectiveness, and make adjustments as required.

We spend some time discussing your needs, and we determine whether we're a good fit for your project.

This is a free call, no obligations at all.

This is the part where we create what we've agreed on. We keep you updated with our progress, and meet project milestones.

Selection of brands we have worked with

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